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The Moorfields Eye Charity PhD Programme needs  your support to raise £64,000

Our PhD programme plays an essential role in supporting new researchers and developing our research capacity. It is essential we grow this programme with the help of our supporters.

What is the PhD programme? 

Our PhD programme offers outstanding individuals exciting opportunities to develop expertise in research. This ensure we can continue to make new discoveries, advance knowledge and ultimately improve the eye health and wellbeing for patients here at Moorfields and around the world, into the future.

Our researchers come from a number of academic and clinical backgrounds, bringing different skillsets and interests. Though each one has their own focus, they don’t work in isolation. Researchers learn from each other and by working alongside highly-experienced colleagues, including nurses, optometrists, neuroscientists and engineers.

Why is there a need?

It is estimated that by 2050 there will be four million people in the UK living with sight loss, yet eye disease attracts less than two per cent of medical research funding in the UK. This means that Moorfields Eye Charity plays a critical role in supporting investigators in ophthalmic research. This work relies on the generosity of supporters like you. Your gift will have a major impact.  Our PhD researchers are critical to the future of eye health, so we are asking you to help us raise £64,000 to support our PhD programme. We’ve many enthusiastic applicants, full of ideas and we are keen to support as many talented researchers as we can.

What happens next? 

The next cohort of students will be selected in March 2019. Philanthropy plays a key role in making this possible. By asking kind supporters to help raise £64,000 now, this will get the funding in place to give more dedicated researchers the chance to tackle the big unanswered questions in eye health.

It is essential that we keep the pipeline of talented researchers flowing. We are determined that more researchers can join our PhD programme – but we need your help. 


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