A camera saved Khamani’s sight 

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It’s simple. A retinal camera will help us treat more children like Khamani. But we need your help to get one.

Photo shows mother smiling at baby, who is laughing.

Tatiana, with her son, Khamani

The retina is the layer of cells at the back of the eye that turns light into signals to the brain. There are many conditions that cause retinal problems for babies and children, from glaucoma and retinal detachment to retinoblastoma, a rare type of eye cancer.

To treat these conditions, our surgeons need to see into the back of the eye. And to look at the back of the eye, they need something called a retinal camera.

The retinal camera is an amazing piece of technology that takes an instant, wide-view image of the entire eye. It helps surgeons diagnose and monitor these conditions in children, as well as share images that can be used for research around the world.

Children from all over the world come to us with sight problems. To continue providing them with the highest possible standard of care, we need to have access to the best possible equipment. The more advanced retinal camera will not only help us go above and beyond for these children, but unlock new possibilities for how we treat them.

We need your help. By helping to fund a new retinal camera, you’ll gift the children we treat with the chance to retain their vision.

Photo of Robert Henderson. Text reads: "The retinal camera is an amazing piece of technology that can help us prevent blindness in children." Robert Henderson, Consultant ophthalmic surgeon, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Khamani was just seven months old when he was referred to Moorfields Eye Hospital. After images were taken with a retinal camera, he was diagnosed with a rare retinal vascular disease called FEVR. It was clear that Khamani needed treatment quickly if he was to retain his sight. Within a week, he had laser surgery on his eye and was able to keep the last of his vision.

Without a retinal camera at Moorfields, Khamani would have lost his sight completely. Your donation will help us purchase a new camera to treat more children like Khamani. 

A new retinal camera costs £150,000. It sounds like a lot, but if we are able to invest in this technology now, it could benefit children at Moorfields and all over the world. It could be the most important gift you give this Christmas.