A young girl smiling at the camera. One of her eyes is bandaged up. She is sitting on the floor.

Moorfields Eye Charity and the Medical Research Foundation are working in partnership to support research into childhood and adolescent eye health. This is a first of its kind funding initiative which has the potential to transform the lives of millions of children all over the world.

Children’s sight matters

Globally, at least 450 million children have a sight condition that needs treatment, with 90 million living with some form of sight loss.

Our exciting partnership with the Medical Research Foundation will input £1.7 million of funding into the massively underfunded child and adolescent eye care research area, with Moorfields Eye Charity committing £500,000.

This investment offers an incredible opportunity for Moorfields Eye Hospital and its academic partner, the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, known for their pioneering advancements in ophthalmology, to make a valuable impact in paediatric care.

Recent projects

We proudly support Tessa Dekker and the Child Lab, which has introduced innovative methods for testing children’s eye health. This ground-breaking research project enables earlier and more responsive treatment options for children.

Giving children a voice

Before 2019, there had never been a young person’s advisory group for eye or vision conditions. Moorfields Eye Hospital changed that with the innovative project eyeYPAG.

This allows young people to shape research and become more informed about eye conditions.

Supporting us

By supporting this funding initiative, you will increase investment in this vital area and projects like these to help change the lives of children with sight loss. Children like Maisie.