a smiling child having their eye examined with a magnifying glass

Regular gifts help us and Moorfields Eye Hospital to plan for the future because we know we will have a steady stream of income we can rely on.

Sight loss affects everyone, and the challenge is only growing more urgent as our population gets older.

Setting up a Direct Debit with us is an incredibly powerful way of supporting Moorfields today and for the years to come. 

Your regular gift will allow us to invest in life-changing research, education and care at Moorfields to ensure patients both today and in the future have the best possible chance of keeping their sight.

Setting up a Direct Debit

You can now set up a regular donation online by completing a simple form. It takes just 5 minutes, but could change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with sight loss.

Alternatively, you can get in contact with us directly if you’d prefer to set up your regular gift that way.

Please get in touch on moorfields.eyecharity@nhs.net or 020 7566 2565.

There are more ways to get in touch, including by writing to us, on our contact page.