Your support today could help Moorfields provide sight-saving surgery to even more children. 

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A clinician giving an eye test to a young girl who is being propped up by her mother.
A clinician giving an eye test to a young girl who is being propped up by her mother.

Right now, the Moorfields Eye Care Centre at St George’s Hospital needs a state-of-the-art new microscope – an incredible piece of equipment that could save a child’s sight. You can help make that possible.

The dedicated staff at the Moorfields Eye Care Centre work tirelessly to offer vital support to children living with sight loss – offering life-changing surgery when it’s needed most.

Thanks, in part, to supporters like you, the Moorfields Eye Hospital team were able to offer four-year-old Eva cataract removal surgery – and save her sight.

Eva was dealing with a cataract that had grown over her right eye – and her parents were worried that it might cause her to lose her sight. That is, until they went to Moorfields Eye Hospital – where Eva was able to get the surgery, support, comfort and care she really needed.

A new microscope at St George’s Hospital will help make more stories like Eva’s possible, making sight-saving care more accessible to the children that need it.

What does a high-resolution operating microscope make possible?

This microscope will help skilled surgeons work quickly, safely and with great precision, providing sight-saving procedures when every moment counts.

Surgery like this has the incredible power to transform a child’s life, addressing sight loss early and preventing further deterioration through timely, corrective intervention.

Best-in-class equipment also means Moorfields can attract the leading names in research and ophthalmology, for years to come.

This helps ensure that Moorfields can continue offering cutting-edge surgery and fuel ground-breaking research that could lead to the next big breakthrough in eye health care.

Your gift today could help transform thousands of lives, for years to come.

Moorfields’ mission is to ensure everyone who needs surgery has access to it – and your gift could help make that a reality.

By giving to Moorfields Eye Charity today, you could help Moorfields to fund state-of-the-art equipment and bolster Moorfields’ amazing team.

You’ll help the Moorfields team as they continue to offer compassionate one-to-one and transformative, sight-saving surgery.

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