Summer appeal 2019


Simulation training has raised the bar in surgical training, and Moorfields is leading the way in using simulation training for cataract surgery. With your help, the new simulator will help us advance our training programme further than ever.

Technology moves at a fast pace, so it is vital that we purchase a new surgical simulator machine which will allow Moorfields surgeons to perfect their skills and train the next generation of world-class eye surgeons, helping Moorfields Eye Hospital maintain the high standards of care for which we are known. 

The surgical simulator will allow trainee surgeons to practice the incredible precision and coordination required to perform complex cataract surgery - ensuring patient safety and the success of future operations.

The latest, state-of-the-art surgical simulator gives trainee surgeons the chance to hone and perfect their surgical skills. This single machine will train hundreds of surgeons who will then go on to perform thousands of sight-saving operations, changing countless lives.

Diagram of the new surgical simulator
     The new surgical simulator we hope to buy, with your support, to help train and develop eye surgeons at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

So many of our patients at Moorfields will benefit from the training the new surgical simulator will provide. Because better surgeons mean more effective and safer operations.Photo of Judith Hilton

Judith Hilton had two cataract operations in 2017:

Why did you require a cataract operation?

I had begun to notice that some road signs weren’t
so clear. I couldn’t see things quite as clearly in
the distance. Colours were muted.

My appointment with the consultant confirmed
what I’d thought: I had cataracts.

How was the care you received?


They are very professional and highly organised.

No doubt about it, I felt in the safest of hands.


How has life changed since your operation?

I can see so much better!

I was amazed, following the surgery, how the world
became so much more colourful. Also, I now feel
confident to drive at night, something that I had
been avoiding for some time.

Why is it important to support Moorfields?

I am a trained theatre nurse, so I am well aware of how
essential it is to have up-to-date equipment, not only in
surgical theatres but for training too.

Anyone who's been treated at Moorfields or has friends
or family who have knows how important their work is.

It's gratifying top hear how we're able to change patients' lives - but we depend on the generosity of our supporters to ensure we can uphold our impeccable standards of training and care - George

Why your gift is so important

Father and Daughter holding hands in the parkAt Moorfields, we rely on the generosity of supporters like you to help us continue to provide research, training and surgery that is world-class.

Whatever you can give will go directly towards funding the £152,000 needed to purchase the next-generation surgical simulator. Your gift will help Moorfields to provide the best care possible for our patients.

Thank you so much for making a difference to our work.

Having good eyesight means having                 
independence and a better quality of life.         Donate

That is the gift you could give.