Research enhancement awards

The purpose of this scheme is to provide additional support to work which is currently funded (or very recently completed), to help maximise the outputs and impact of the research and increase likelihood of securing future external funding,  

This scheme is not however intended to support avoidable short falls in funding or as a substitute where funds are available from other funding sources accessible to the researcher, including current grants, departmental or institutional sources.

What's included

Funding can be requested under two defined areas:

  1. Support towards publication costs to enable the dissemination of research and clinical findings quickly and to as wide an audience as possible.
  2. Purchase (or contribution towards) of small item(s) of equipment which will enable new and additional research to be carried out on existing projects and where the potential to greatly enhance the outcomes and likelihood of securing future external funding is demonstrated.

Maximum of £15,000 per award and two awards (total) per applicant per year. 


Applicants must hold a substantive post with either Moorfields Eye Hospital Foundation Trust or with the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology for the duration of the award. 


Applications can be submitted at any time and on a rolling basis. Applicants are strongly advised to discuss their application with their relevant research office before preparing an application and refer to the pre-submission details below.  

Moorfields Eye Charity will endeavour to process requests within four weeks of receipt of complete and eligible applications.

Steps required to prepare and submit your grant applications

Contact details


Application forms and guidance notes

Research enhancement award application form

MEC grant application T&C [data use] - Please note that every person named in the 'applicant section' of the application form must complete this form if they have not already done so as part of a previous application

Annex B Host institution sign off form

Annex C Collaborator form

Annex D Use of animals in research

Annex E Clinical/translational research

Guidance notes (Please contact the office to request a copy)


General scheme queries

T: 020 7566 2632