A seated woman holds the hand of a patient undergoing surgery, inside an operating theatre.

We awarded the Friends of Moorfields a grant to support their fantastic volunteer programme at Moorfields Eye Hospital. Thanks to your donations to the volunteers appeal, we’ve also been supporting them during the pandemic with training, management and remote patient support.

Moorfields Eye Charity and Friends of Moorfields are the two charities working together to support Moorfields and make a difference to the lives of people with sight loss.

We’re the main fundraising charity, funding world-leading eye research, education and patient care.

Friends volunteers provide a very important service for the trust, literally guiding people through the hospital and supporting them on their journey. Therefore. we are delighted to contribute towards the core costs of running this service.

Robert Dufton, chief executive, Moorfields Eye Charity

Friends of Moorfields manage the patient facing volunteer programme at Moorfields - with clinic support, patient guides, information desks and hand holders in surgical theatres and injection clinics. 

This extra support is one of the reasons Moorfields is known for having world-class patient care.

There are currently almost 300 registered volunteers.

Friends of Moorfields employ a full time volunteer services manager, and two full time volunteer support officers, who focus on expanding and developing the patient facing’ volunteer service.

We are very grateful to Moorfields Eye Charity for their support. This funding helps ensure our long term sustainability and allows us to confidently move forward with expanding and developing the volunteer programme, which is so vital to the experience of patients and staff at the trust.

Angela Smith, CEO Friends of Moorfields

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Patient support grant

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Friends Of Moorfields Eye Hospital

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April 2020

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