Winter appeal for groundbreaking new imaging equipment

Every year thousands of individuals in the UK and worldwide are facing the reality of losing their vision because of eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy. These people are not only facing the fear of losing their vision, but losing their livelihood too.

Thana is one of these patients who, thanks to Moorfields Eye Hospital, was able to retain his sight and carry on with his work as an accountant. Moorfields was quick to give Thana the treatment he needed when he was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy - a serious condition that causes the blood vessels in the eye to bleed and grow irregularly.

"Without Moorfields, I could have lost not just my sight but my livelihood"

Moorfields Eye Charity are committed to supporting Moorfields Eye Hospital to purchase state of the art equipment, allowing them to develop the research they are conducting to help more patients like Thana. This winter we have set a goal to purchase a piece of new imaging equipment which will transform the way we diagnose and treat eye diseases of the retina. A new generation ultra-widefield fundus imager will allow us to look further inside the eye to detect the presence of disease.

This new imaging equipment would offer the ability to spot the very first signs of many serious eye diseases such as Uveitis, Viral retinitis, Behcet’s disease and Sickle cell disease. This would allow us to initiate earlier treatments in order to prevent progression of the eye disease which could potentially affect the central retinal and eventually cause permanent damage or vision loss.

Tania is another Moorfields patient who was referred to Moorfields Eye hospital six years ago with Uveitis diagnosis. “My uveitis is under control. It’s being looked after’’, she says. But she knows that without prompt and effective treatment, it could have been a very different story.

"If Moorfields hadn’t had the knowledge and skills to help me, I would have lost my sight"

Patients like Thana and Tania could be diagnosed quicker with new imaging equipment. Enhancing the technology used at Moorfields Eye Hospital enables the medical staff to make earlier diagnosis and practise even better treatment and therapy. This new equipment gives a much wider field of view, allowing clinicians to see not just the centre of the retina but additionally, the periphery of the retina with outstanding clarity. That means the medical team can see more of the retina and they can identify sight threatening disease before it has progressed to involve the centre of the retina. This is important as patients may not be aware of sight threatening conditions which affect the peripheral retina initially.

Please help us to support the efforts of the Moorfields Eye Hospital medical team and to save the sight of more patients every year! To donate towards purchasing the new widefield-fundus imager, please click here.

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