'See All Evil' by John Raynor

It has been one year since John Raynor released his book, ‘See All Evil’, about a twenty-four-year-old British soldier called Captain Alex McCloud. Captain McCloud was injured and blinded in Afghanistan in 2011 and flown back to the UK for treatment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

In an inspiring twist, Captain Alex McCloud is given a ray of hope when he is offered the chance of sight using bionic implants, developed by Professor Goldman of Moorfields Eye Hospital in London in conjunction with augmented reality specialist, Major Jennifer Sherlock of the CIA. These implants not only provide him with sight, but much, much more than he could ever have imagined or expected, proving to be of great interest both to the MOD and the CIA. His new life as an intelligence officer in London brings him many challenges utilising his unique abilities, particularly when he uncovers a highly dangerous mafia-like organisation.

John Raynor suffered from a serious eye condition, called retinitis pigmentosa, which eventually led to blindness at the age of 35.  In the 1970s he went to Moorfields to find out more information about his eye condition and was seen by Professor John Marshal and Doctor Alan Bird.This helped him get a clearer understanding of his eye condition which had been confusing since he was diagnosed in the 1940s. Blindness hasn’t stopped John, who is now in his seventies and continues to maintain computer software for clients with his own business which he formed in 1978, while still enjoying writing adult novels as JS Raynor and short stories for children, using the pen name Christopher Carr. The compelling ‘See All Evil’ is John’s longest novel to date. John has kindly decided to donate the royalties for this book to Moorfields Eye Hospital, as the research unit plays an important role in the story. He was inspired by J M Barrie’s legacy of giving the copyright to Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity and wanted to copy this with all profits from his books going to Moorfields Eye Charity. There will be a sequel following more adventures of intelligence officer Alex McCloud. John says: “I wrote ‘See All Evil’ to share the emotions that come attached to eye conditions and how it can affect someone not only physically but emotionally, especially with the people that are closest to them.” 

If you are interested in supporting Moorfields and John by buying ‘See All Evil’, please visit his website at www.jsraynor.com.

Readers are giving the book 5 stars on Amazon:

 “It is quite a fascinating story. I was hooked straight away and couldn't put it down. The author has very vivid imagination and loads and loads of ideas that might become a reality one day. Who knows...” - N. Kukharuk

“The writer's first hand knowledge of sight loss is obvious through the book - including the changes it can bring about in relationships. The description of AI and development of 'bionic eyes' definitely chimes with many of the many medical breakthroughs there have been recently. It was a fascinating read for many reasons and I'm sure others will enjoy it too.” – B. M. Searmen