Our first Eye to Eye walker is Melissa!

Melissa Holmes is the first person to sign up to #EyetoEye 2018 this year. This is her third year taking on the 14 mile challenge and this year she is bringing new friends to complete the walk with her.

Melissa tells us why she is so excited to take on the challenge again:

I've taken part in Eye to Eye twice now and have signed up again for a third time in 2018 because I want to raise funds for research into the various eye conditions I have, andraise awareness about those eye conditions. I had amblyopia and strabismus as a child, alongside fairly high myopia and astigmatism, and then as an adult I was diagnosed with acute glaucoma, retinoschisis, a cataract, PCO, a detached retina, then strabismus again and a cataract in my other eye. As a result of all this my vision isn't great and glasses only help to a certain point; they can't give me "normal" vision any more.

I am being treated at Moorfields now, but I wasn't when I did my first Eye to Eye walk in 2016. I had been specifically looking for a sponsored walk for eye research, rather than a running event, and Eye to Eye has been the only walking event I've found. The first walk I took part in was so much fun I signed up again in 2017 and now again for 2018 – this time I've managed to persuade a new friend to join me. We're considering making it an 18 mile walk by walking back via the four mile route after we've completed the 14 miles we've signed up for... just to make it more challenging and hopefully to persuade more people to sponsor us!

We’re delighted to have Melissa and her friend join Team Moorfields next March. If you would like to join them and help fundraise to build a world beyond sight loss, sign up today: https://www.moorfieldseyecharity.org.uk/eye-eye-2018