New springboard for research

Working with Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, Moorfields Eye Charity is delighted to announce its new research funding programmes. Moorfields Eye Charity aims to refocus its support to underpin and enhance new and evolving research, and support those who undertake it.

We are investing in the future of vision research

Our new Moorfields Eye Charity Springboard Awards provide funding for researchers to develop novel ideas and generate preliminary data which will underpin and form part of larger, competitive, project grant applications to other external funding bodies.  

We will also continue to provide funding for equipment grants with a renewed focus on multi-user equipment.  These grants will ensure that the most up to date equipment is available to all researchers, foster collaborations and help support core equipment facilities which will become self-sustaining. 

To encourage and support the outputs and outcomes of current research, Moorfields Eye Charity’s Research Enhancement Awards will provide funding towards the publication of research findings to maximise impact and availability of these results. Support for small pieces of equipment will also be available where the potential to greatly enhance research and likelihood of securing future external funding is demonstrated

We are investing in people

Alongside our PhD Studentships we are expanding our support of early career researchers with new Research Training Fellowships for clinical and allied health professions who have demonstrated the potential to pursue a career as an academic clinical or allied health professional. Further details will be shared in September.

In supporting the next generation of research leaders, the Moorfields Eye Charity Career Development Awards offer an exciting opportunity.  These awards will provide short term support for science researchers, clinical and allied health professionals who are already on a career track to be future leaders in ophthalmic research and clinical practice.  The funding is intended to enable these individuals to focus on their research and to capitalise on other external funding opportunities to develop their research programmes. 

For more details on how the charity supports research and securing critical items of equipment please visit our research news and spotlight pages. 

If you have any questions please email Cath Thums, grants officer, or call her on 020 7566 2565.