Moorfields Sees Science

Moorfields Eye Charity was delighted to be invited to St Luke’s Community Centre for See Science: a festival exploring the science of

sight organised by scientists from UCL Institute of Ophthalmology funded by Moorfields Eye Charity. There were 11 stalls displaying current research and covering all types of conditions from AMD to corneal transplants. It was a fun, interactive and accessible way to learn something new about vision and how the eyes function with the brain. It also helped visitors understand how eye diseases occur, how they can affect patients and most importantly, the research that UCL are doing to tackle these problems. The event attracted people from all age groups and over 100 people attended. Everyone got a prize at the end after discovering the answers to a series of questions that visitors had to search for around the festival!

Moorfields Eye Charity had a stall at the festival too, showing visitors the research work we support and promoting our upcoming events. Also in attendance were Moorfields Eye Charity team members who are also part of Moorfields’ arts committee and they showed off some of their work that is currently on display at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

The public engagement project funded by a bursary from UCL Culture.
The public engagement project was
funded by a bursary from UCL Culture.

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