Exterior view of Oriel - initiative to create the new eye health centre

We’re very pleased to share our new film on the transformative impact of Oriel - the joint initiative to create a new centre for advancing eye health, on patients, staff and researchers, and the critical role of philanthropy in creating this global landmark.

Moorfields patients give heartfelt testimonies about what the new centre truly means to them, including the story of paediatric patient Khamani, para athlete Chris, and Elaine who receives treatment for macular degeneration.

We hope that their voices, alongside those of Moorfields experts, highlight just how vital philanthropic support is to the new centre.

Oriel philanthropy film

The new centre and home of Moorfields Eye Hospital and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology opening in 2027 will foster collaborations between Moorfields, UCL and Moorfields Eye Charity to drive groundbreaking research and accelerate the development of life-changing treatments.

It will benefit patients like Elaine, Chris and Khamani in the film, and people with sight loss around the world. 

I feel so honoured to have the opportunity to take part in the film. My cherished dream of a new centre is becoming a reality. I want everyone to understand how my emotional journey with sight loss has empowered me. This is down to the world class care I receive at Moorfields which has helped to save my sight. It’s very special and meaningful to send out a message of boundless hope for the future about the new eye health centre.

Elaine Manna, Moorfields patient

In partnership, Moorfields Eye Charity and UCL are committed to raising over £100 million to achieve our ambitious plans. The campaign has raised over £72.5 million in capital commitments to date.

We’re delighted with the support received from our very generous donors, and look forward to talking with others interested in helping us realise our vision.

Moorfields Eye Charity is extremely grateful to Bluewater and Media Zoo for supporting the production of this film.

Fundraising for the new centre

To find out more, contact Rachel Jones, director of development, Moorfields Eye Charity, on rachel.jones310@nhs.net or 020 7566 2565.