Launch of our inaugural highlights report

Moorfields Eye Charity is pleased to launch an inaugural highlights report which showcases recent achievements across the partnership between the charity, Moorfields Eye Hospital and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.

The report selects highlights from a range of exciting projects the charity is pleased to support in three key areas: research, patient experience, and education, while also looking ahead at ambitions for the future.

Moorfields Eye Charity’s ambition is to be the leading charity for research into eye health. This report looks at how philanthropy has impacted ground-breaking research projects including The London Project to Cure Blindness, leading genomic medicine research and innovations in Artificial Intelligence.

Supporting Moorfields staff in the delivery of outstanding and safe patient care and experience is also a key priority for Moorfields Eye Charity. The report highlights the successful eye clinic liaison officer role, which was made possible to pilot through charitable support.

Finally, Moorfields Eye Charity is committed to investing in training and development opportunities to the benefit of staff and patients. Highlighted in this report is the exciting new joint appointment of Professor Nora Ann Colton who will lead an ambitious education strategy across Moorfields and UCL and a snapshot of Moorfields Eye Charity’s successful PhD studentship scheme.

Read the full report here and learn how philanthropy plays a key role in delivering transformative impact in eye health, now and into the future. To find out about Moorfields Eye Charity’s ambitions, you can read the six-year strategy here