Kiran Meka, runs the Brighton Marathon

Kiran Meka from Berkshire will be running the Brighton Marathon Sunday 15 April. He explains his story below and why he has taken on this challenge.

“I have been a high myopic patient from a young age. My eye problems started to unravel in 1996. No one could understand what was happening. Twenty years ago my spiritual master in India told me I would have to go through many surgeries for my eyes but to have faith. 

Fast forward seven years and I was living in France. One day my eyes popped like a fuse and I could not see. My vision came back after a minute but I rushed to hospital to be diagnosed with a rare condition "Juvenile glaucoma (JOAG)".  I was put on medication and told that hopefully the condition could be manageable without surgeries. 

I moved to the UK but my condition became severe, so I was referred to the Moorfields Eye Hospital. I was told that I needed emergency surgery to prevent megoing blind. 

It was a shock to hear this, but my consultant in France told me I was in the safest pair of hands at Moorfields. This reassured me and within 24 hours I was operated on successfully, saving my sight. I still hadirreversible damage that caused by the initial popping but the condition was now managed. 

Over the years I have had fantastic support and wonderful care. I had seven surgeries at Moorfields. Without their timely help and care I would have gone blind long time ago. 

On a different note my physical condition has deteriorated due to an unrelated incident. So for me to run the Brighton marathon is a huge personal barrier. So far I have run four official half marathons including two already this year. My goal is six half and two full marathons this year. 

I would not even be here if not for all those surgeries. 

Please kindly support my madness to help others in their fight against eye diseases. 

Every donation received is important and makes a real difference to the charity's work. So please kindly dig deep and donate to a worthwhile cause. All donations will be greatly appreciated. 

With all my gratitude for your support - "Never give up". 


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