It’s May madness!

We have had some great fundraisers this month and would love to share with you what some of our amazing supporters have been getting up to.

On Saturday 12 May, Sanjay Sohal got dirty in a classic tough mudder all in the name of Moorfields Eye Charity, raising an extremely impressive £1240.75. Sanjay said;

I'm trying to raise as much money and awareness as possible for a charity very close to my heart, Moorfields Eye Charity. As some of you are aware, I underwent a cornea transplant last September (2017). More surgery may be required with no guarantees that my eyesight will return to anywhere near normal. One of the most important things we take for granted is our sight, it affects our everyday life. We live in a world of senses; smell, sound and sight. We take them all for granted. I know I did until I started losing the sight in my right eye.

When something like this happens, you start asking questions and relentlessly search the internet. This is where Moorfields Eye Hospital and St George's Hospital have been amazing. Their staff; nurses, consultants and doctors have been great answering all questions and recommending the right action to take.

Depending on ethnicity, keratoconus affects up to one in 450 people. It is usually diagnosed in young people at puberty, in their late teens or early twenties. The exact cause is unknown. It is believed that genetics and environmental factors play a role.

People become compassionate about things that change their lives, and for me that is eyesight.

Please visit Sanjay fundraising page and show your support at -

Lauren Sizer from London took on the Leeds half marathon on Sunday 13 May raising an amazing £678.75 and she completed the run in 2 hours and 26 minutes!

Lauren has come very close to losing her eyesight three times over the past couple of years, and on each occasion Moorfields has managed to save this for her.

Without the treatment, facilities and knowledge that Moorfields staff have access to, Lauren is not sure she would have any eyesight at all. To show her appreciation, Lauren ran 13.1 miles to raise money for Moorfields to allow us to continue researching different treatments and cures.

To show your support, please visit her Just Giving page and donate towards Lauren's accomplishment -


On Sunday 20 May we had a very unusual fundraising event.  Josh Webster from Maidstone pulled an 18-tonne truck down a 15 metre track in 30.28 seconds! He managed to raise a very impressive £536.75 for Moorfields.

In 2014 Josh Webster was subject to a vicious attack which left him completely blind in his right eye and unable to walk. This left him bed bound for three weeks in King’s College Hospital whilst they rebuilt his leg. After years of gruelling physio he is able to walk again but he was completely blind in one eye. Following multiple surgeries, weekly visits to Moorfields Eye Hospital and thousands of different eye drops he now has 40% vision back in his right eye which even his surgeon didn't expect to happen. So now Josh wants to give back to these two hospitals via their charities.

Please visit Josh’s fundraising page and show your support at -

And last but no means least we have 17 year old Jonathan Neary and his dad, Mark, who took on Vitality London 10000 on Monday 28 May for Moorfields Eye Charity. In April 2017, Jonathan’s vision began to deteriorate, developing into constant double vision by May. He had to wear half-covered glasses over the summer (which he did not enjoy!). But thankfully his local hospital transferred him to Moorfield's Eye Hospital where he received an injection of botox into both eyes. After a few days, he felt his vision slowly improve until he was able, much to his delight, to see with single vision again! Jonathan said the staff at both hospitals did wonderful work in restoring and continuing to monitor his eyesight with incredible care and effort.

He is extremely grateful to the staff at Moorfields for all they have done and continue to do. Jonathan and his family would like to take this opportunity to raise money for Moorfields Eye Charity to help ongoing research and care, so that others will be able to receive the same fantastic treatment that he did. Please support Jonathan’s fundraising goals and visit his Just Giving page at-…/Jonathan-and-Mark-Neary