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We’ve launched a new grant programme! Our innovation grants are designed to support innovation at Moorfields Eye Hospital that aims to improve patient care and the patient experience.

Innovation is about doing things differently or doing new things to make positive change.

There is a rich history of innovation at Moorfields, from pioneering new research to designing new clinical pathways to improve waiting times and patient experience.

One example is our Catyon Street clinic, where we have established new, optometrist-led models of care for glaucoma patients. It has proved a huge success, and the Cayton Street approach is now seen by national and international visitors as a role model in standard of care.

The Cayton Street Clinic team, who won the Moorfields Eye Charity award for Innovation at Moorfields Stars

We believe that further innovation will be critical in helping Moorfields lead the way, so we’ve developed a new grant programme as a way to invest in change, improvement and innovation so that patients now and in the future can experience the best models of care.

Investing in people’s potential

Every member of staff at the trust contributes to its overall success.

We are proud to be supporting staff to, where possible, get involved in making tangible improvements and bringing new ideas to the clinic. 

Our innovation grant programme is open to any and all staff who are seeking to develop and test novel ideas aimed at bringing about impactful positive change or improvements in clinical practice, service, patient experience and/​or patient participation.