First of its kind retina camera donated to Moorfields

The first ultra wide field retina camera in the UK donated to Moorfields

The team from Moorfields Eye Charity were delighted to join Moorfields Eye Hospital colleagues in an unveiling ceremony to celebrate the instalment of the new Zeiss Clarus Ultra Wide Field camera, the first of its kind in a UK hospital.

The purchase of this advanced piece of imaging equipment was made possible through the generous donations from the 2017 Moorfields Eye Charity ‘Winter Appeal’, impressively raising over £90,000.  

The camera is particularly advanced as it provides a much wider field of view of the retina. This allows clinicians to see not just the centre of the retina but also the periphery with outstanding clarity. It also shows colours with greater accuracy, which is important for diagnosing, monitoring and treating many eye diseases.

Moorfields Eye Charity chief executive Robert Dufton said:

We were delighted to mark this special occasion to unveil the new wide field camera which really demonstrates the direct impact that generous donations have on patient care and experience, as well as providing opportunities for vital research. We would like to thank our supporters for enthusiastically responding to our appeal last year and making this happen.

Hoping for similar success, this year's Winter Appeal has just launched aimed at raising funds for the Moorfields Eye Charity PhD programme, asking for support to invest in the next generation of researchers. Find out more here.

The team at the Moorfields Eye Clinic at St. George's Hospital Trust are delighted with their new piece of equipment