The exterior of the Eye Grow box being showcased on a wall outside.

We are pleased to introduce Eye Grow, a new opportunity for our supporters to grow a sunflower and fill their homes with the same growth, happiness and joy that their donations are bringing to patients.

Eye Grow includes all you need to grow a sunflower at home in support of Moorfields Eye Charity. 

Sunflowers represent the joy and positivity we want to spread to our supporters, whose donations make a huge difference to those affected by sight loss.

Moorfields’ life-changing research and developments in eye care are helping to introduce new sight-saving treatments quicker than ever before, and saved eyesight is worth celebrating. 

Donating towards Eye Grow

Eye Grow is available to all who visit our Charity Hub on the ground floor of Moorfields Eye Hospital on City Road. Our hub is open 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm Monday to Friday. 

When you donate £10 or more in the hub, you will receive an Eye Grow box to start your sunflower journey.

Grow your sunflower, grow your impact.

Eye Grow is about more than just a beautiful flower; it’s an activity suitable for the whole family.

It represents coming together and celebrating the growing impact of your donation and the community of people dedicated to spreading the message that sight loss matters. 

I’m really excited for Eye Grow to become a lovely way to donate to Moorfields Eye Charity and create a community of green-fingered supporters helping people with sight-loss.”

Joanne Green, head of fundraising and engagement

Remember to tag #EyeGrow across all social media channels to join our online community.

Visit our Charity Hub today. Grow your sunflower; grow your impact.