EKTA Group make a donation to Moorfields Eye Charity

The EKTA Group is a group of Sikh women who conduct religious events and prayers throughout London. These wonderful women have collected voluntary contributions from their work and decided to make Moorfields Eye Charity the recipient of these donations.  Many of the members of the group have been or are patients at Moorfields Eye Hospital, therefore they wanted to say thanks and show appreciation for the wonderful and kind treatment they have received.

The group represented by Mrs Basant Dahele and Mrs Kanwal Lota presented ophthalmic consultant Hari Jayaram with £300 and in addition another £100 donation from Mr Perminder Singh Virdee. Other members of the group who were unable to attend the presentation are: Mrs Surinder Lotay, Mrs Harjit Bachu, Mrs Gurmej Bharj and Mrs Harbans Hunjan.

L-R: Joanne Green, head of donors relations Moorfields Eye Charity, Hari Jayaram, consultant ophthalmic surgeon, Mrs Basant Dahele, EKTA group, Mrs Kanwal Lota, EKTA group, Mr Desraj Dahele.