Internal view of the proposed Oriel site, including groups of people inside a spacious atrium with a cafe and greenery

Our vision to build a new centre for world-class eye care, cutting-edge research and professional training has been bolstered by a £30 million Research England grant.

The UK Research Partnership Investment Fund (UK RPIF) is the largest competitive grant funding scheme managed by Research England. It supports world-leading research, including investing in research infrastructure.

Along with our project partners, University College London and Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, we are delighted to receive this grant, as it marks a significant step towards achieving our vision for Oriel.

What is Oriel?

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In partnership with University College London (UCL), Oriel is our vision to create state-of-the-art integrated treatment, research and education centre.

Opening in the Kings Cross area in 2026, the proposed new centre will benefit Moorfields’ patients and those with sight problems worldwide.

Planning for the future, it will:

  • be designed around the patient experience
  • embrace new technologies to develop excellence and innovation in clinical care
  • attract and retain the world’s leading clinical, health education and research talent.

The proposed new centre will push the boundaries of science, deliver breakthrough treatments to the front line of patient care and revolutionise eye healthcare around the world.

Philanthropy has a critical role in realising Oriel.

Alongside our partners, we’re committed to raising £100 million to support the project. We are very grateful for the pledges received so far from major donors at such an early stage. The RPIF award raises our profile further to help us secure additional support to achieve our ambitions. 

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to provide a flexible, purpose-built, patient-focused environment that will allow clinicians and researchers to work together to tackle the eye problems that represent a growing global health and economic burden.

The RPIF award is wonderful news for the partnership and Oriel. It recognises how significant this proposed integrated centre is, delivering breakthrough treatments and revolutionising eye healthcare. It will benefit Moorfields’ patients and those with sight problems worldwide.

Robert Dufton, chief executive at Moorfields Eye Charity

In January 2019, AECOM with Penoyre & Prasad and White Arkitekter were appointed to work with us. 

The team will continue to help us design the proposed new centre, should we proceed to the next stages of planning following public consultation. You can find out more about Oriel and fundraising on the Oriel website.

The image above shows a suggested design for the proposed new Oriel site. For illustrative purposes only.