24 hour gaming marathon raises over £1,000

A group of friends have taken on a 24 hour gaming marathon to raise money for Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Paul Mitchell from Middlesex wanted to raise money for Moorfields while having fun with his friends at the same time. On Friday 24 August at 3pm, Paul was joined by Ash Brock, Jon Brookes, Ben Durham and Kamil Watkowski in a 24 hour gaming marathon.

One of Paul’s relatives suffers from choroideremia and is being treated at Moorfields. Their initial target of £300 has already been reached and the team has raised over £1,000 - more than triple their target. Paul and Kamil have also agreed to ‘brave the shave’ for Moorfields Eye Charity. If enough money is raised they will shave their heads completely, live on social media - watch this space!

Speaking about his relative, Paul said: "At just 28 years old his condition is already becoming noticeable and as a family we’ll do anything we can to stop it.

“The hospital is conducting research into this very rare condition and hopefully, with a bit of luck and support from fundraisers like this, they’ll be able to stop it progressing any further and he’ll still be able to see his children grow up."

Choroideremia is a rare inherited disorder that causes progressive vision loss, ultimately leading to complete blindness. The first symptom is generally night-blindness, followed by vision loss in the mid-periphery. Blind spots appear in an irregular ring, leaving only patches of peripheral vision, while central vision is still maintained.

Paul added: “People laughed when we said we’d be gaming for 24 hours, assuming that it’s easy. It’s true that it is a lot of fun – for about the first 11 hours. After that point tiredness sets in and you end up speaking gibberish while still trying to play complex games that take a lot of brain power!"

If you'd like to make a donation, visit Paul's fundraising webpage.

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