Meet Team - RD Rambles with dog Cindy


"When Mum told me that we’ll be going for a reeeaally long walk in March, I jumped up in excitement, wagging my tail as hard as it would wag and woofing at the top of my bark, “Yes yes yes yes!”.  I just luuuurve walks, you see.  Especially looooong walks.  Long walks mean more to sniff!  And more people to meet!  And more people often mean treats, especially if I’m really good and stare at them longingly without blinking.  Apparently, people are even going to give us money for going on the walk.  I thought Mum would be able to use the money to buy more treats, which seemed like a great idea!  Then I found out that the money is going to help people with eye problems.  

“It’s going to be a walk all around the streets of London.  I’ve been to London before.  There’s not much mud there, or cow pats, or other deliciously-smelling things to roll in.  But on the other paw, it does mean that we get to go on the train, which is waggles of fun!  

“Mum says we need to practise for this long walk… imagine!  Practising for a walk?!  I’ve never heard such a howler!  Walking is easy – you just put the front two paws in front of the back two and off you go!  I think it’s harder for humans though, because they only have two legs and they don’t have paws.  We went for an eleven mile practise walk the other day – Mum and her friend Alex, and me.  Mum wore new shoes, but when she got home she found that the shoes had bitten her feet and made sore patches.  So that wasn’t good.  And Alex just fell asleep when we got home, without even giving me a treat first.  I had to ask Dad for a treat instead.  Dad won’t be coming on the walk, which I feel a bit droopy-eared about.  I might try and find a nice smelly stick to take back for him…"