Meet the Eye Heroes

Eye Heroes is the UK’s first child-led campaign to tackle avoidable blindness. Children are trained through volunteer-led interactive workshops in schools to become eye health champions, and inform adults in their communities about eye health and the benefits of regular eye tests.

Moorfields Eye Charity and Eye Heroes

It took two years to develop and refine the Eye Heroes concept. With initial funding contributed by its three founding members (Yusrah, Manjul and Sonia), the initiative picked up momentum when Moorfields Eye Charity awarded it a grant in 2015. This was incredibly significant for Eye Heroes, supporting the successful roll out of the project across the UK and enabling the Eye Heroes team to demonstrate the impact of the project on every volunteer, each child who attends the training workshops and each adult who has potentially avoided treatable sight loss.

To ensure the project’s scalability and open access, the resources have been made available free of charge on

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