Innovations in imaging

Medical imaging is the cornerstone of ophthalmology. It enables our scientists to understand and analyse their eye disease research, and allows our clinicians to diagnose eye conditions.

There have been a number of recent advancements in medical imaging, which have changed how physicians identify, treat and even think about disease. Doctors and scientists are able to get medical images faster, more precisely, and through less invasive procedures than ever before.

Our clinicians at Moorfields Eye Hospital and our researchers at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology rely on cutting-edge technology to keep them at the forefront of eye care. They urgently require three state-of-the-art imaging tools that will transform their ability to image structures and cells in the eye, but also help to advance eye research on a broader scale.

These three pieces of equipment work together to provide researchers with a complete, unrivalled ability to study the eye in health and disease. Together, these new pieces will allow researcher to study eye disease in 3D and in live cells in real time. This has not been possible until now.

Please make a donation to provide our researchers with the very latest in imaging technology. Your gift will ensure they can continue to push the boundaries of our knowledge of eye disease and will aid rapid progress towards testing potential treatments for patients.

Or, to discuss your support in more detail and find out more about our imaging needs, please contact Rachel Jones at or on 020 7521 4610. Thank you.