Gabrielle dressed in formal attire standing next to an ornate mirror.

Gabriella Ferenczi and her husband own a boutique and beauty salon called Figaro London, which is located near Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Over the past seven years they’ve had many clients from the hospital, both patients and staff, who visit them and tell them about the treatment they have received at Moorfields.

As a family they have also had their own experiences with eye health. Five years ago, Gabriella’s father who lives in Hungary, had a routine cataract operation. Months later, complications followed, and he developed retinal detachment in both eyes. Unfortunately, Gabriella’s father completely lost sight in one eye, and has very limited vision in the other eye. Luckily, he receives great care by his doctors in Hungary, however, at one point he wanted a medical recommendation and decided to visit Moorfields and ask for a second opinion by a specialist.

Alongside receiving wonderful care from his doctors in Hungary, Gabriella’s father has also had consultations with Dr Mahi Muqit and Dr Tunde Peto at Moorfields Eye Hospital. Since witnessing the wonderful support her father received, Gabriella decided that she too wanted to find a way to support Moorfields.

Gabriella Ferenczi has been supporting Moorfields Eye Charity for nearly four years. In August 2018, Gabriella launched a monthly networking event series for language professionals and decided to donate the profits from ticket sales to Moorfields.

Moorfields to me means a network of doctors, consultants, researchers, nurses and other professionals who all work towards a common goal: they look after our vision, raise awareness for eye health, diagnose and cure eye diseases and find new treatments to illnesses.

Gabriella Ferenczi

Through fundraising, Moorfields can not only continue to give great care and support but also hope for many patients who are waiting for new treatments to be discovered. Regular donations is something that the charity can count on. It gives greater stability and predictability when it comes to financial planning.

We would like to thank Gabriella for all her support!