Simon sat down at a desk in front of copies of his book at a book signing event.

Author, Simon Corbin, has had six operations at Moorfields. Without treatment, he would be blind in both eyes. To give back for the care he has received, he is donating a percentage of his author’s profits.

Multiple operations

Simon’s first operation was in 2000 and was followed in 2018 by cataract surgery on the same eye. 

In May 2020, during the first lockdown, both the retina and macula in his right eye detached. A re-attachment operation was time critical to prevent permanent loss of Simon’s central vision. Moorfields acted swiftly and brilliantly to save his sight completely. 

Then, in November 2020, the left retina also detached. The left eye required two surgeries to save his sight, and this was happily achieved in December 2020

Unfortunately, two eye surgeries in close proximity resulted in a rapidly ripening cataract forming in the left eye, so a third operation on the left eye was needed. Moorfields successfully completed cataract surgery on his left eye in April 2021.

Simon at Moorfields directly after an operation on his right eye. (May 2020)

Despite six eye surgeries in total, Simon’s involvement with Moorfields as a patient is not over yet. At some point he will need a seventh procedure (another on his left eye) in the form of YAG laser surgery to clear some fogging of the replacement lens.

Wanting to help others

Simon lost his vision four times and ultimately walked away with better eye sight than before his troubles began.

He credits these miraculous outcomes to Moorfields and, in particular, professor James Bainbridge, one of the hospital’s leading retinal surgeons; and all those in the Cumberlege Wing.

To have received such world class care left him motivated to help others in need of similar care. 

Moorfields has played a central role in my life and feels very much a key part of my identity. Without Moorfields, I would undoubtedly now be blind in both eyes.


A published author

Simon has spent over 20 years in journalism and copywriting. He is currently teaching English and has taught both journalism and creative writing. He has wanted to be a novelist for as long as he can recall.

He has five novels and one non-fiction book available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle and audiobook formats. His latest novel is I Should Be So Lucky.

As my unfortunate bout of retinal detachments and successful multiple eye surgeries occurred during the writing and editing of my most recent novel, I Should Be So Lucky, I determined it was appropriate that a percentage of my author’s profits from that particular book should go to the Moorfields Eye Charity.


In addition, Simon will generously be donating a percentage of author’s profits from all of his future writing to the Moorfields Eye Charity.