A man demonstrating how to use the surgical simulator.

Surgical simulators are essential for training surgeons to perform complicated operations with absolute precision. With your support we’ve purchased a new machine which is being used by surgeons who are carrying out life-changing eye operations.

Investing in a new surgical simulator

Thanks to your generous donations to the summer appeal (2019) and support from charitable trusts and foundations, we purchased a new, state-of-the-art surgical simulator for Moorfields Eye Hospital.

It ensures Moorfields continues to offer the very best learning environment and remains at the forefront of eye surgery worldwide, benefiting many patients. 


surgeons will be trained over the lifetime of the simulator

Find out how it works and see a trainee using the simulator.

Revolutionising training

Recent advances in technology mean that the very latest model of surgical simulator trains surgeons to be even more precise and accurate.

Trainee eye surgeons learn vital skills on a surgical simulator. They go on to perform operations at Moorfields for eye conditions like cataract and glaucoma which can be complex and challenging.


of operations performed by these surgeons at Moorfields

Thanks to your generosity, we’ve been able to buy this incredibly high-spec piece of kit so we can continue to deliver the highest possible standards of care for our patients.

George Saleh, consultant ophthalmic and oculoplastic surgeon

Surgical simulators are an essential part of modern training. I can use it before I’ve performed a particular eye operation and practise a difficult step in an operation multiple times.

Dr James Wawrzynski, registrar ophthalmologist

Changing patients’ lives

Moorfields patient Brenda Silverman recently had a cataract operation during the cataract drive when over 700 operations were performed in a week. She was delighted with the results and her treatment at Moorfields - an operation which restored her sight.

Brenda Silverman talks about her operation

The treatment I received at Moorfields was exemplary. Following the operation, everything was in focus, more cheerful and I can see. The clarity is brilliant.

Brenda Silverman, patient

The new surgical simulator enables surgeons to practise more complex operations resulting in highly skilled surgeons and the very best outcomes for patients.

Purchase of the surgical simulator was made possible with support from the Summer Appeal (2019) and with additional support from the Basil Samuel Charitable Trust, Green Hall Foundation and All Aboard Shops.