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When Nadeem discovered he had keratoconus, he feared he would lose his sight. Moorfields helped to restore his vision, so he took on a huge 150 mile sponsored bike ride to say thank you.

We are all guilty of taking some things in life for granted,” Nadeem says. For years, I took perfect vision for granted.”

Nadeem woke up one day and could only see out of his left eye. The vision in his right eye was cloudy and grey - he was scared. 

He visited local hospital and doctors diagnosed Nadeem with a condition called keratoconus. 

What is keratoconus?

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Keratoconus is an eye condition where the clear window of the eye (the cornea) progressively thins, causing a cone shaped bulge to develop and affecting vision. It can take months or even years for the condition to develop.

The cause of keratoconus is currently unknown.

1 in 2,000

Keratoconus affects up to 1 in 2,000 people

Keratoconus can be difficult to spot in its early stages, as the symptoms are not very noticeable.

Usually, optometrists are able to spot the condition during regular eye tests and will prescribe glasses or contact lenses so that changes to vision can be managed.

If the condition gets worse, it may be necessary to have harder contact lenses. In extreme cases, a corneal transplant may be required.

In recent years, a new treatment has been developed called corneal cross linking (CXL). This stops the condition getting worse in over 94 per cent of patients with a single 30-minute procedure.

Coming to Moorfields

Once Nadeem was stable, his doctor referred him to Moorfields to find out more about his condition. 

He came for a full assessment and follow-up care, and has been visiting regularly ever since!

Nadeem never looked back. He explains that doctors at Moorfields have worked hard to make sure that his sight is the best it can be and that he is very thankful for the care he has received. 

He has had many treatments at Moorfields over the years, including corneal transplants in both eyes. 

Throughout everything, Moorfields has been the one common factor. They check my eyes regularly, notice possible issues and treat them. They monitor everything diligently, care for my eyes and make sure I can see.


Saying thank you - Nadeem’s bike ride

In 2018, Nadeem decided he wanted to give something back to show his support for the hospital and chose to do a sponsored cycle across two weekends.

He began his challenge by taking part in the London to Brighton cycle ride and then completed the Velo South Sportive the following weekend. He cycled 154 miles altogether, proudly wearing his Moorfields Eye Charity jersey the whole way.

Through his efforts, Nadeem raised an incredible £1003 for Moorfields! He was very happy to be able to help the team who have cared for him for so long. 

Every trip to Moorfields is a reminder of how many people they help every single day and the work they do so tirelessly,” he says. This is why I wanted to give something back.” 

Raising vital funds to aid their incredible work is extremely rewarding and something I am very pleased to have done.