Lukazs and Roman on a bike ride.

In July 2022, Lukasz took on the challenge of a lifetime- a 165km Ultra-Trail race in Snowdonia. He did this to fundraise for Moorfields Eye Charity after his son Roman was treated for a severe eye injury at the Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre.

Lukasz’s fundraiser

As a way of saying thank you and giving back for the care Roman has received, Lukasz ran the epic race over two days from 1 to 3 July 2022. 

The Ultra-trail Snowdonia is a huge physical challenge; a single-stage 165km kilometre race with over 10,000 vertical metres of elevation gain. 

Roman’s eye injury

On Christmas day in 2018, when Roman was five years old, he suffered an eye injury while playing with his older brother and cousins while on holiday. 

Over the next few days, the family endured a waiting game, unsure as to whether Roman might develop an infection that could threaten his eyesight. 

After three weeks in hospital and two operations later, his parents were told that he would be lucky to have 10% vision in that eye with prolonged rehabilitation.

Roman after treatment at the Richard Desmond Children’s Centre and more recently, living his best life on his bike

Eye patching

Roman received exceptional care and support at the Children’s Centre while working to develop the vision in his weakened right eye through daily eye patching. 

For almost two years, he patched for up to six hours a day, every single day, all the while being limited to the use of his weaker eye.

Never complaining, I promise you that this young boy showed a level of resilience that I don’t expect most adults would be capable of.

Lukasz, Roman’s dad

Corneal operation

Due to a large scar running through the very centre of his right eye, it was recommended that Roman have a major operation where his cornea would be rotated so that the scar would be off the visual axis, as it was impeding his vision. The operation was a success, and after a couple of weeks of recovery, Roman was able to continue his regime of patching.

He’s a lively boy who loves reading, math, cycling, and chess, and he lives a full, normal life, for which we are thankful to Moorfields Eye Hospital for years of specialised medical attention and care.


Roman today

Today, Roman wears a highly specialised contact lens to replace the lens within his eye and doctors say he has 50% of his vision. A few years ago, this would have been unimaginable. 

Lukasz raised an incredible £3,280 for Moorfields Eye Charity by taking on Snowdonia Ultra Trail- what a superstar!