Lewis’s niece Flossy was diagnosed with a rare eye condition, axenfeld-rieger syndrome and glaucoma which left her blind in one eye. Flossy and the family make regular visits to Moorfields Eye Hospital where they receive continued treatment and support to help her retain the vision she has left.

What is axenfeld-reiger syndrome?

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Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome is a disorder that mainly affects the development of the eye. Common eye symptoms include cornea defects and iris defects. People with this syndrome may have an off-center pupil (corectopia) or extra holes in the eyes that can look like multiple pupils (polycoria). Around half of people with this syndrome also develop glaucoma, which increases pressure inside of the eye, and may cause vision loss or blindness.

Lewis has decided to show his support for Moorfields by taking on the XTERRA Snowdonia Trail Marathon where he has chosen to do a 10km run on 11 July 2021. He has found being cut off from friends and family during Covid-19 difficult and found respite in running which helped lower his anxiety. 

Deciding to run this event has been a way to do something for someone else and the greater community and has already, by far, been the most rewarding thing I have committed to during this pandemic. It gives a great perspective of one’s circumstance and fosters an appreciation for the littlest things in our lives.

If you are stuck in a rut of self improvement, home workouts or even questioning the point of it all, I’ve been through it all and I’ve found that there is nothing more liberating than signing up to something for our community.

Lewis Bloomer

As someone lucky enough to have their full health, I want to dedicate time, energy and support for individuals like Flossy, who stand to gain so much from the pioneering research and world-class treatment that Moorfields provides.

Thank you Lewis for deciding to fundraise for Moorfields Eye Charity- it’s thanks to fundraisers like you that we can continue supporting Moorfields and benefitting patients just like Flossy. You can see Lewis’s progress with his impressive training and donate on his Just Giving page.