Eileen cycling up a road, with countryside views, and a car behind her

British cycling legend, Eileen Sheridan, has passed away aged 99. As a long-standing patient at Moorfields, Eileen’s family are fundraising for Moorfields Eye Charity in her memory.

Cycling pioneer

Eileen Sheridan, a record-breaking British cyclist in the 1950s, and long-term patient of Moorfields Eye Hospital, sadly passed away on 12 February, aged 99. 

Most renowned for breaking the Land’s End to John O’Groats women’s record in 1954 in two days, Eileen is recognised as a true pioneer of women’s cycling.

We are celebrating the life of our sweet mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. Alongside being a record-breaking cyclist and talented artist, she was an extraordinary human being with a love for life and infectious kindness in everything she did.

Louise Sheridan, Eileen’s daughter

Her success extends beyond breaking records, as she paved the way for the future generations of women’s cycling before women were allowed to compete on a global level. Nicknamed the Mighty Atom, her achievements were both inspirational and impactful. 

Outside of cycling, she was a talented artist, glass engraver and active member of the community in her place of residence, Old Isleworth. 

Eileen at Moorfields

After being diagnosed with glaucoma many years ago, she received expert sight-saving treatment at Moorfields Eye Hospital and went on to enjoy good eyesight throughout her life thanks to the support she received.

Fundraising in memory

To honour Eileen’s extraordinary life and support the work of Moorfields Eye Charity, her family has set up a tribute website in her memory. 

The family will be holding a celebration of her life in May, and hope to raise as much as possible in her honour.