Two women training boxing

Kelly and Leah both have children who have been treated at Moorfields. They decided to take on boxing challenges!

Leah Frawley

Leah’s daughter has been under the care of Moorfields for over seven years and has had several operations. To show her thanks to Moorfields, Leah took part in a boxing match at Women’s Charity Boxing on 16 March 2024. This was a huge challenge as she had never boxed before!

The work Moorfields do for children is amazing. Myself and my daughter couldn’t have asked for more help and support, they go above and beyond for every individual. I am so grateful for their support and professionalism.

Leah Frawley

Leah in the boxing ring

Leah enjoyed every minute of the boxing match and described the achievement of taking part as a surreal feeling.

She has done a fantastic job fundraising and made great memories along the way. Leah has raised over £300 to date!

Leah holding trophy

Kelly Seres

Kelly’s Ultra White Collar Boxing match in Barnsley is on 6 April. She will endure eight weeks of intense training to get ready! 

Moorfields has been in Kelly’s life for 24 years after her son, Thomas, was born with congenital glaucoma. He has had over 60 operations, with the first being when he was just two weeks old. 

Her daughter was born with the same condition eight years ago. 

Kelly in the ring

I am raising funds for Moorfields Eye Charity so they can help save more children’s sight, please help me raise as much as possible for this amazing, world class hospital.

Kelly Seres

We wish Leah and Kelly the best of luck in their matches and thank them for being part of #TeamMoorfields!