Katie posing for a photo in a park

When Katie was just 16 years old she developed a retinal tear in her right eye that would later turn into a detachment. Sadly, Katie did not receive the best treatment, and was left with some long-term eye damage.

Katie’s family asked for a referral to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. Katie initially had a consultation at Moorfields with a doctor named Mr Henderson, who told her that her eye needed urgent treatment. Having undergone a surgery to remove the cataract that had developed in Katie’s right eye, Katie then had laser treatment to correct the laser she had done at another hospital. 

Now Katie has regular appointments at Moorfields where she makes the long, but worthwhile journey from Nottinghamshire to London.

The staff are incredible! I lost complete faith in any doctor after some of the bad experiences I had previously. Moorfields staff, restored that faith! One nurse who was absolutely incredible, is Kulburat Alabi.


Two years ago, Katie received a notification from Facebook that she could set up a charity fundraiser for her birthday. Katie decided that she would like to raise money for Moorfields as a way to show her appreciation for everything the hospital and the Moorfields Eye Charity. In her first year, Katie managed to raise £217, and in her second year she raised another £205.

As a patient at Moorfields, Katie is passionate about raising money to help fund and support treatment and research at Moorfields. Katie also has a small business selling handmade earrings, where she has donated a percentage of her sales to Moorfields. 

Check out her store - Lavender & Lime Handmade which can be found on Facebook and Instagram at: @lavenderlimehandmade

Moorfields restored my faith and helped me through probably the hardest time I’ll have to go through in my life, especially at such a young age. I am confident, that without their treatment, I would not be as strong as I am, and I would not have the remaining sight I do now.

Katie is especially thankful for Nurse Kulburat Alabi, and all the staff at Moorfields that helped with her recovery. 

Thank you so much Katie! Your donations help us do our job.