A selfie taken by Francesca of her and her dad.

The Donate your eyes artwork campaign by David Lawrie and Studio Anorak aims to raise awareness about congenital glaucoma and raise funds for Moorfields Eye Charity, by asking artists to donate their artwork of eyes.

What is congenital glaucoma?

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Childhood glaucoma — also referred to as congenital glaucoma, pediatric, or infantile glaucoma, occurs in babies and young children. It is usually diagnosed within the first year of life. This is a rare condition that may be inherited, caused by incorrect development of the eye’s drainage system before birth. This leads to increased intraocular pressure, which in turn damages the optic nerve. Symptoms of childhood glaucoma include enlarged eyes, cloudiness of the cornea, and photosensitivity (sensitivity to light).

Francesca was asked to illustrate a pair of eyes for the Donate Your Eyes Instagram page. Francesca is an illustrator who says colour, expressive shapes and everyday joy are the three big influences in her work. Her British Mexican heritage has also greatly influenced her aesthetic, which is inspired by folk art, decorative patterns and handmade crafts from both cultures. Her mission is to bring more joy, humanity and colour into the world through her designs.

Francesca’s artwork for the Donate Your Eyes artwork campaign:

Both my father and a family friend have been treated at Moorfields, and so I wanted to give back in whatever way I could. Donate Your Eyes is a brilliant idea and it’s wonderful to see how many other artists and illustrators are contributing to their page.

Francesca Tiley

We love the Donate your eyes artwork campaign by David Lawrie and Studio Anorak - it’s a creative way for our supporters to give back to us and a useful tool to help raise awareness of congenital glaucoma. Visit the Donate Your Eyes account now to view illustrations from a wide range of incredible artists.

Francesca’s illustration, Jungle Picnic

Thank you Francesca for supporting us with your incredible creativity. We love your bright eyes!