a propeller plane in monochrome, viewed from below

Flossie and Oksana both work at Moorfields. To support the hospital’s work and research, they decided to jump out of a plane!

Flossie and Oksana work for the Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre, a part of Moorfields Eye Hospital dedicated to caring for children with eye conditions. 

Flossie is a play specialist while Oksana is a healthcare assistant.

Flossie has also been a patient at Moorfields since she was six years old. She has experienced first hand how the treatments have progressed and the impact it has had on people with sight conditions.

The work that Moorfields does in researching conditions and their treatment is truly amazing! Many of the treatments now available just did not exist when I first came here.


Taking the plunge

Flossie has taken part in many of our fundraising events in the past, including walking Eye to Eye with us three times and abseiling off the ArcelorMittal Orbit - twice.

This time, she decided to fundraise by completing a challenge with Oksana that neither of them had done before – a skydive that would send them hurtling 12,000 feet through the air and reaching speeds of 120mph! 

And, in September 2017, they did it. 

While for some people it would have been a terrifying experience, Flossie and Oksana loved completing their skydive and say they would happily do it again.

Together they managed to raise an impressive £1,200 for Moorfields – well done Flossie and Oksana!