Image shows Becca and her three daughters posing for the camera, with Moorfields Eye Charity balloons and vests.

After receiving treatment at Moorfields Eye Hospital, Becca and her family have taken on a four-month fitness challenge to give back and support life-changing eye research.

Moorfields is close to Jasmine, Isabelle and Sofia’s hearts as their mother, Becca, is living with sight loss due to a genetic condition.

It took a long time to receive a diagnosis and treatment, but since Becca has been under the care of Moorfields Eye Hospital, the staff there have gone above and beyond to help her.

I have to travel a long way to my appointments at Moorfields Eye Hospital however, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else but there.


Although genetic testing hasn’t been able to provide Becca with a definitive diagnosis, Moorfields are continually making advances and are optimistic about finding answers in the future. 

While this may not directly benefit Becca, it could help Becca’s children and others with similar conditions in the future.

The Challenge

Becca and her daughters decided to take up a fitness challenge as a way of giving back to Moorfields. They committed to doing the challenge every day from 15 July, with the goal of finishing on Becca’s birthday, 15 November.

Becca and her oldest daughter, Jasmine, are currently completing at least 100 sit-ups daily. Sofia is doing 50 skips per day, while Isabelle, the youngest of the three, is completing a limbo challenge. Sometimes her sister, Sofia, joins in, too, and they both slide under the skipping rope, which is unicorn themed! 

From left to right: Becca, Isabelle, Sofia and Jasmine

Jasmine has had fun supporting her younger sisters with their challenges while also completing her sit-ups in the process. She has enjoyed showing her commitment to something she cares about, especially as she will be finishing secondary school after this year. 

Whilst Jasmine’s eyesight can be corrected to a certain point by wearing glasses, she is aware that for many people, including her mum, this isn’t the case.

I chose to fundraise for Moorfields Eye Charity as mummy goes to Moorfields, and I enjoy raising money.

Sofia, Becca’s daughter

Through fundraising for the charity, the family are helping towards funding life-changing eye research to deepen our understanding of eye disease and help bring treatments to patients faster than ever before.