Digital keys installed - nurse accessing medicine cabinet digitally

We’ve funded digital keys for medicine cupboards at Moorfields Eye Hospital so staff can access medicines more easily as and when they need them. This means they can spend more time delivering the excellent care to patients.

Digital keys to medicine cupboards have been installed in the busy A&E department and in a surgical ward at Moorfields Eye Hospital City Road.

We’re very pleased to support the digital keys and Moorfields staff in the delivery of outstanding and safe patient care through our innovation grant programme. Staff can now access medicines more easily, increasing the time available to care for patients.

40 minutes

saved per shift in nurses’ time

Medication is dispensed more efficiently and safely as the digitisation helps control drug stocks and creates audit trails. It provides an electronic register of access to medication cupboards - who, when and where.

This digital approach has significantly helped us manage medicines. Nurses save up to 40 minutes per shift in wasted time looking for keys, patients get their medication on time and ultimately this gives nurses more time to provide the excellent patient care Moorfields is known for.

Sarah Needham, Deputy chief nurse

Sarah Needham (2nd to left) and nurses

The digital keys benefit service improvement, financial efficiencies and better patient care.

Sarah and her team are evaluating this initiative with plans to roll it out across the entire trust and also for it to become a standard approach in Oriel.