A black an white photo of a bus on a London street

Founded by Syreeta Walker, the Brixton Candle Company specialise in the production of handmade, eco-friendly candles.

Inspired by the vibrant, free spirited nature of London, the Brixton Candle Company celebrates the diverse multicultural metropolis of London. To help support and raise awareness for the visually impaired community, Syreeta, who is also a patient at Moorfields, has decided to give a percentage of her sales to Moorfields Eye Charity. 

I have chosen to donate a percentage of my candle sales to Moorfields Eye Charity as it is very close to my heart. As a glaucoma sufferer it is important to raise awareness for chronic eye illnesses and visual impairment as well as for suitable research that is very much needed within this field. It will be much appreciated to enjoy our products while giving back and supporting the community.

Syreeta Walker, founder of the Brixton Candle Company

Thank you Syreeta for giving back in this way so that we can continue ensuring Moorfields continues to discover and deliver the best eye care to patients just like you.

Shop her range of candles by visiting the Brixton Candle Company website.

Instagram: @brixton_candleco