Andy was referred to the Moorfields genetic retinal team in May 2019, from West Sussex Eye Hospital. Soon after, in October 2019 they diagnosed him with an incurable rare genetic condition called PXE (pseudoxanthoma elasticum) which affects the eyes as well as other parts of the body.

What is PXE?

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PXE is a hereditary disorder in which the elastic fibres that normally occur in the skin, eyes and cardiovascular system gradually become calcified and cause characteristic symptoms in each area.

I see taking part in My Eye to Eye as an opportunity to not only give something back to Moorfields, but to also highlight to friends and family the level of care I have received and taking part in an event such as this is a more tangible way to fundraise.

Andy Findley

Andy with his walking companion, Jasper

As Andy has had, and continues to receive wonderful treatment at Moorfields, he wanted to find a way to give back which is why he signed up to take part in My Eye to Eye, our annual fundraising event on 28 March 2021. He urges anyone else considering taking part to do so- his sight loss is a challenge everyday but he doesn’t want to let it define him. 

During the pandemic, Andy has experienced excellent eye care at home through virtual appointments. He was sent an eye chart with a piece of string, so he knew how far away to stand from the eye chart.

Without innovation such as this from Moorfields, Andy would have had to wait over two years between eye tests. Instead, he is benefitting from prescribed vision aids that he otherwise would not have been able to access. 

Thank you to Andy and all his wonderful friends and family who so generously donated. My Eye to Eye will be returning in 2022. 

I want to give something back for the care, understanding and treatment I have had and continue to receive from Moorfields.