Grant funding schemes

We seek to support high quality research which has the potential greatly improve our understanding of vision and eye disease, through to the discovery of methods of new or improved diagnosis, treatments and cures.

Funding schemes now open for applications

Our new Springboard Awards provide funding for researchers to develop novel ideas and generate preliminary data which will underpin and form part of larger, competitive, project grant applications to other external funding bodies.   

We will also continue to provide funding for equipment grants with a renewed focused on larger, multi-user equipment.  These grants will ensure that the most up to date equipment is available to all researchers, foster collaborations and help support core equipment facilities which will become self-sustaining.

Moorfields Eye Charity Research Enhancement Awards will encourage and support researchers to maximise the outputs and outcomes of current research.  Awards can support the publication of research outcomes to maximise impact and availability of these findings.  Funding support for small pieces of equipment will also be available where the potential to greatly enhance the outcomes and likelihood of securing future external funding is demonstrated.

Alongside our PhD Studentships we are expanding our support of early career researchers of with new Research Training Fellowships  for clinical and allied health professionals who have demonstrated the potential to pursue a career as an academic clinical or allied health professional. 

For science researchers, clinical and allied health professionals who are already on an academic career track and are of the calibre to be future leaders of ophthalmic research and clinical practice, Moorfields Eye Charity Career Development Awards offer exciting opportunities.  These awards will provide short term support to enable these individuals to focus on their research and to capitalise on other external funding opportunities to develop their programmes.  Together, this approach will help ensure that by the end of the Career Development Award, they are in the strongest position to secure prestigious fellowships and other external funding to catapult them to the next stage of their career. 


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Who can apply

The principal applicant eligibility criteria will depend on the funding scheme.  Please refer to the guidance notes for further details.

Applicants are strongly advised to discuss their application with the relevant research office(s) well in advance of preparing an application. All necessary approvals must be secured prior to submission to Moorfields Eye Charity. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to secure these approvals.

Host institution

For applications to Moorfields Eye Charity, the host institution is that institution which will administer and manage the grant budget if awarded. Where costs will be incurred in more than one institution, applicants should confer with all relevant research finance offices, but the final approval of the budget must come from the research finance office in the institution that would host the award.

Contact details

For any queries including funding support for non-research related projects please contact Cath Thums, grants officer, on or 020 7566 2565.