The Gift of Sight – a Growing Global Challenge

Sight is the sense that 90% of people fear losing the most.

The impact of blindness is considered to be as devastating and debilitating as a disabling stroke, advanced cancer or even chronic pain. Despite the growing prevalence of vision loss and eye disease, only 2% of medical research funding is spend on searching for treatments and cures.

In the UK, two million people are living with sight loss. Given visual impairment affects older people disproportionately, the scale of this problem is growing as the world’s population ages. It is projected that four million people will be living with sight loss in the UK by 2050.

This is a growing global challenge and Moorfields Eye Hospital and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology are the world’s best hope of addressing it. Find out about how your support is helping us improve the lives of people living with sight loss in the UK.