Cynthia's Research

Surgery can be very effective in reducing the pressure glaucoma causes inside the eye. However, some patients develop more scarring than others and it can limit the long term success of their surgery. I wanted to find out why and how to prevent it.

What I’m doing

There is an important group of genes that control how badly the eye scars and the aim of my research is to develop a drug that switches off these genes and prevents scarring taking place.

How charitable funding helps me

Funding ensured I had protected research time and resources to carry out my PhD project.  I had the opportunity to collaborate with experts in this area. I also had access to laboratory equipment and a large group of glaucoma patients. Without all this, I simply couldn’t have done any of this vital work.

What next?

I am committed to pursuing glaucoma research as a clinician scientist. I am conducting pre-clinical studies to test the safety of the new drug and how best to deliver it into the eye. It will help us inform future clinical trials, which will benefit glaucoma patients.

Cynthia Yu Wai Man