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Congratulations on being awarded a grant from Moorfields Eye Charity! Here’s our useful how-to guide for managing your grant with us.

The charity’s Grants and Research Team are responsible for both the processing of grant applications and management of awards. 

Detailed below are some of the key steps you will need to follow to activate and manage your award. You should also refer to your award letter, grant conditions or award cover email as these will include details specific to your award.

Starting a grant

  • The notional grant start date and grant duration will be specified in your award letter.
  • The actual grant start date can normally be deferred by up to 12 months.
  • The actual start date should be entered into the Grant Activation Form.
  • The duration of the grant will remain unchanged unless a change is requested, in writing, by the grant holder and approved by the charity.

Grant Acceptance

It is a condition that your Host Organisation will administer the grant in accordance with the purposes for which it has been awarded. The grant cannot be activated until this confirmation has been received by the Charity. 

Your award letter will include the necessary sections to be completed for accepting an award. Once signed, the award letter should be returned to moorfields.eyecharity.researchgrants@nhs.net as soon as possible.

The Charity will not accept liability for any expenses incurred on the grant until a signed award letter and confirmation of grant activation form has been returned.

Grant Activation

A grant application form is used to confirm the actual date from which the grant will start. The form should be completed and returned as instructed in your award letter. 

Coronavirus update

The rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19 brings significant challenges for everyone, including our researchers and other award holders. At this time, we know that everyone’s immediate focus should be on the safety and well-being of themselves, those that they are responsible for and their families.

We recognise that COVID-19 is likely to have a substantial impact on the research and researchers we are supporting, and other activities we have agreed to fund across Moorfields Eye Hospital and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology. Although the full effects will take some time to become clear, we intend to address the issues that arise as sympathetically and flexibly as possible.

Issuing new grants

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Our current grant making programmes remain open, with the exception of the research travel grants scheme which has been modified to provide funding for virtual conferences. Please see the research conference grants page.

At this time we expect future deadline and decision making committees to remain as scheduled but we will review this if any pandemic-related restrictions are reintroduced.

Continued pay of salaries

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If access to where you carry out your research (or the work of your awarded grant) is shut down for a period of time MEC will continue to pay the salaries of staff funded on grants for the same duration.

No cost extensions

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We will not unreasonably decline any no-cost extension.

No-cost extension requests should be made in writing to us. We would expect that you approach us with this request when you are in a position to be clear about the length of an extension involved. We will then advise you of the process to follow.

Costed extensions

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If suspension of research is prolonged and costed extensions are required, requests will be considered on a case by case basis.

We would expect that you approach us with this request when you are in a position to be clear about the length of an extension and the cost involved. We will then advise you of the process to follow.

Re-deployment of NHS staff

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For clinical academics seconded back to the NHS, our expectation is that the NHS will cover your salary whilst working on the COVID-19 response.

We will continue to pay salaries, recognising that these costs may be subsequently recoverable from the NHS.

The appropriate people are asked to please keep a record of any affected staff member(s), the duration of redeployment (start/​end dates) and the salary contributions recoverable from the NHS. No cost extensions can be requested where required.

Virements of budgets

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We will be flexible on the use of underspend and budget virements to cover any exceptional and additional costs incurred by the COVID-19 pandemic to keep your research activities going. These should be made in writing.

Putting grants into abeyance

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We will consider requests to put your grant into abeyance - where we suspend your grant if you want to pause payments and activities on the grant.

Please note that if a grant is in abeyance no salaries or other costs can be incurred on the grant.

Delaying the start date of a grant

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If a grant has not yet started and the start can be reasonably delayed, grant holders can delay the start for up to six months.

You do not need to request this delay but just return a completed grant activation form with the revised actual start date when it is known.

If a delay of more than six month (but less than 12 months) is considered necessary, a request can be made in writing and these will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Contacting us

For any questions or queries, please contact the Grants and Research Team on 020 7566 2565 or moorfields.eyecharity.researchgrants@nhs.net.

You can also visit us in the Moorfields Eye Charity office near the main entrance of Moorfields Eye Hospital City Road. A member of the grants team will be usually be available on Mondays from 9am - 5pm.