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Our Springboard Award gives researchers an opportunity to develop novel ideas and generate preliminary data that will give them the competitive edge in larger grant applications.

Our Springboard Awards are currently closed to new applications. Please check back later for more information on the next round.

We are committed to investing in new ideas and helping to propel research to the next stages of investigation and understanding. Our Springboard Award helps promising researchers develop their academic careers.

Please note: the remit of the Springboard Award scheme has been refined to focus on early career researchers. Potential applicants are advised to read the updated guidance notes to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria. 

Application deadline and decision timelines

There are two rounds of applications a year.

Round 1 - Autumn 2023

  • Opened: 10 May 2023
  • Closed: 26 June 2023
  • Outcome: applicants notified in December 2023

Round 2 - Summer 2024

  • Opens: January 2024
  • Closes: March 2024
  • Outcome: applicants will be notified in July 2024


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The principal applicant must hold an academic or clinical post with Moorfields Eye Hospital (MEH) or the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology (IoO) and will normally be in receipt of salary funding for the duration of the grant.

Research active clinical, nurses, optometrists, allied health professionals and research assistants may apply as principal applicant. Applicants who are unsure where they fit in the below career categories should contact the Moorfields Eye Charity grants and research team on moorfields.eyecharity.researchgrants@nhs.net

Researchers who are currently employed on a grant held by another individual are required to provide details of their current supervisor/​manager and include a letter of support (from the current manager/​supervisor). Applicants who hold tenure, open-ended contracts or are on personal fellowships (for the duration of the proposed grant) do not need a letter of support.

For details of all other eligibility criteria please read the programme guidelines via the link below.

How much can I apply for?

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There are two types of Springboard Award applications you can submit - you must choose one type per funding call:

  1. Research expenses/​consumables only. This type of application provides up to £50,000 for direct research related expenses or consumables which are needed to carry out the experiments outlined in the proposal.
  2. Research assistance and expenses/​consumables. This type of application provides support up to a maximum of £180,000 for: up to £50,000 for direct research related expenses or consumables which are needed to carry out the experiments outlined in the proposal, or; salary support for research assistance to carry out the experimental work. Please note this salary support cannot be used to support the principal applicant.

There is a normal £7,500 minimum funding request on both types of applications.

Grant duration

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The duration of the grant will depend on the type of Springboard Award you have applied for.

  1. Research expenses/​consumables only: maximum duration of 12 months.
  2. Research assistance and expenses/​consumables: maximum duration of 18 months.

For any other enquiries or additional support, please contact the Moorfields Eye Charity Grants and Research Team.

Email: moorfields.eyecharity.researchgrants@nhs.net
Phone: 0207 566 2565