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Our Research Training Fellowship scheme gives medical, nursing, optometry and allied health professionals support to complete vision-related research towards a PhD alongside their clinical duties.

We are committed to investing in people who can produce high quality research which will be of benefit to patients at Moorfields Eye Hospital. The Research Training Fellowship allows clinical staff to develop their research career alongside their clinical role. 

Application deadline and decision timelines

There is one round of applications this financial year 2020/21.

Round 1 - Spring 2020

  • Opens: 10 August 2020
  • Closes: 15 October 2020 at 12pm
  • Outcome: applicants will be notified in March 2021


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Awarded Fellowships are at the clinical pre-doctoral or entry level. To consider applying for a Research Training Fellowship you will, at a minimum, be able to demonstrate some prior research experience and the potential and ability to pursue a PhD with an intention to develop long-term research interests.

If applicants have already (or soon will) registered and started their PhD, it is expected that they would not have completed more than 12 months (pro rata for part time).

Applicants may either currently employed by Moorfields Eye Hospital/​the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology or intending to hold their Fellowship at either institution.

How much can I apply for?

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  • Full time (3 years) or part time (5 year) salary support, commensurate with current salary level.
  • Up to 2 clinical sessions per week (pro rata for part time)
  • Consultant or equivalent salary levels will not be considered under this scheme.
  • EU/UK PhD registration fees 
  • Research expenses for directly related research costs up to a normal maximum of £20,000 per year (pro rata). 

Grant duration

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Funding can be requested for a full time (3 year) or part time PhD (5 years).

Apply now

Please complete all relevant forms and return completed applications by email to moorfields.eyecharity.researchgrants@nhs.net and include any annexes or relevant attachments.

Before you submit an application, please ensure you have referred to the grant guidelines and have secured all the necessary signatories.

Completed applications must be submitted no later than 12pm (noon) on the date of the advertised deadline. 

Before you begin

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Please ensure that you have read the following

Preparing your application

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You will need to prepare a detailed proposal (in Arial font size not smaller than 11 points) that complies with the instructions and eligibility criteria outlined in the specific grant guidelines. Make sure to check out what local approvals and signatures you will need prior to submitting an application. And allow plenty of time for this step, keeping in mind the research offices will be busy with other applications. Please ensure that files are saved in the original file format and not converted to PDF.

Letters of support

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Supervisors and mentor should provide a statement of support for the application including how they will fulfil their responsibilities.

Principal and subsidiary supervisors

  • Both Principal and Subsidiary supervisors must, at time of award, hold appropriate UCL (and/​or PhD registering University if not UCL) supervisor approval. 
  • If an awardee is allowed to register onto a PhD programme at a University other than UCL, a least one supervisor must be based at either Moorfields Eye Hospital or UCL Institute of Ophthalmology and hold the appropriate supervisor approval level.


  • A mentor is required for all applications. 
  • This individual does not necessarily have to be based at your host institution nor have expertise in the area of research of the PhD but should be able to provide informed advice in terms of undertaking a PhD as a clinical, nursing or allied health professional. 
  • The mentor should be known to the applicant and be able and willing to provide general support and mentorship throughout the PhD.

For any other enquiries or additional support, please contact the Moorfields Eye Charity Grants and Research Team.

Email: moorfields.eyecharity.researchgrants@nhs.net
Phone: 0207 566 2565

Files for your application