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Our funded PhD Studentships support the training of a graduate student in the areas of understanding, preventing and curing vision disorders.

We believe it’s critical to support and invest in the leaders of tomorrow. Our PhD Studentships allow us to train and support early-stage researchers in their journey to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Application deadline and decision timelines

There is one round of applications a year.


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The principal supervisor must normally hold an academic or clinical post with Moorfields Eye Hospital or the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology and will normally be in receipt of salary funding for the duration of the grant.

Applicants can normally submit only one application as principal supervisor and be the named subsidiary supervisor on no more than two per funding round.

Joint principal supervisors will not normally be permitted.

How much can I apply for?

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Funding can be requested up to a maximum of £110,000 including:

  • A stipend of £61,500 over three years. This rate has been set by Moorfields Eye Charity.
  • PhD registration fees of £16,913. This is the UK/EU rate set by University College London.
  • Research expenses/​consumables

Grant duration

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Full time 3 year PhD studentship.

Part-time PhD studentships will not be considered as part of this funding programme.

Before you begin

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Please ensure that you have read the following:

For any other enquiries or additional support, please contact the Moorfields Eye Charity Grants and Research Team.

Phone: 0207 566 2565