We support the sharing of knowledge to inspire tomorrow’s experts by covering the costs of staff and researchers at Moorfields attending conferences to present their work.

The opportunity to present Moorfields derived work at national and international conferences is a vital component in the dissemination of findings, building professional relationships and establishing fruitful collaborations. 

Application deadline and decision timelines

Applicants should submit their completed forms at least two months prior to the first day of the conference.

Applicants are advised to start the process of applying for a Conference Grant ahead of or in parallel to securing relevant Moorfields study leave approval and abstract acceptance to attend the conference.

Applications can be submitted at any time during the year. 


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Individuals within the eligible categories must hold a contract of employment with Moorfields at the time the conference is attended.

  • Fellows can apply for a Conference Grant if they are presenting research derived from Moorfields work at national or international meetings.
  • Specialist registrars can apply for a Conference Grant if they are presenting research derived from Moorfields work at international meetings. Registration fees will be expected to normally be paid for via deanery funding. National meetings will not be considered.
  • Other non-medical research active Moorfields staff can apply for a Conference Grant if they are presenting research derived from Moorfields’ work at national or international meetings. Eligible staff will normally hold a full time or substantial contract of employment with Moorfields.
  • Honorary staff can only apply where the individual is a medical graduate and appears on a relevant clinical profile in Moorfields at the time of application and the conference. For avoidance of doubt we expect these individuals to be part of a clinical service at Moorfields and as such are seeing patients in a capacity unrelated to research.

For details of all eligibility criteria please refer to the programme guidelines.

How much can I apply for?

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Our Conference Grant supports the cost of the conference registration fees, travel, accommodation and contribution to the cost of poster printing. For virtual attendance, only the registration fee is considered.

Applicants are advised to read the funding programme guidelines carefully ahead of submitting an application to ensure they are fully aware of the allowed and disallowed costs.

Before you begin

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Please ensure that you have read the following:

Preparing your application

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You will need to prepare a detailed proposal (in Arial font size not smaller than 11 points) that complies with the instructions and eligibility criteria outlined in the specific grant guidelines.

Please ensure that files are saved in the original file format and not converted to PDF.

Apply now

Please complete all relevant forms and return completed applications by email to moorfields.eyecharity.researchgrants@nhs.net and include any annexes or relevant attachments.

Before you submit an application, please ensure you have referred to the grant guidelines and have secured all the necessary signatories. 

Files for your application

Successful applicants will be required to follow our requirements around branding and acknowledgement. 

Post conference requirements

After the conference, grant holders must follow the guidelines and conditions for reporting and claiming expenses.

For any enquiries or additional support, please contact the Moorfields Eye Charity Grants and Research Team.

Email: moorfields.eyecharity.researchgrants@nhs.net
Phone: 0207 566 2565