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Are you thinking about applying for a grant from Moorfields Eye Charity? Find out how we approach grants and applications, as well as some frequently asked questions.

Our approach to grant making

We are supporting the pioneering work of Moorfields and UCL to make new discoveries and turn new knowledge into treatments to improve eye health and wellbeing outcomes for patients of Moorfields and around the world. 

As part of our strategy, Moorfields Eye Charity has set the objectives to be the leading charity for research into eye health and to support Moorfields staff in the delivery of outstanding and safe patient care and patient experience.

In the last number of years we have refocused our research grant making programmes and expanded our portfolio to support innovation, education and training. We continue to work closely with Moorfields and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology to fund in jointly agreed priority areas. Partnership funding is another approach we actively pursue to enhance our grant making activities. 

Our activities also include providing non-financial support, such as advice and partnership-making. We are working to provide a new world-class facility for integrated clinical care, teaching and research in eye health by Moorfields and its partner, University College London’s Institute of Ophthalmology, in London’s medical and scientific quarter by 2025. The new facility will benefit millions of patients in London, the UK and across the world. 

Frequently asked questions

Does my research fit within the remit of Moorfields Eye Charity?

We would encourage you to read our strategy and also the guidelines associated with the grant programme you are intending to apply to. If you have any further questions we would suggest that you email the Grants and Research Team and provide a brief summary of your proposed project.

Is there a deadline date to submit my grant application?

Submission deadlines will vary depending on the grant programme. Deadlines for upcoming, and where relevant future, applications are advertised on the individual grant programme page. 

My research is entirely pre-clinical with no immediate translation to the clinic potential. Can I apply to Moorfields Eye Charity?

Yes, subject to any programme specific criteria. We support research ranging from pre-clinical work based entirely in the lab through to clinical trials. 

I do not have a contract of employment with either Moorfields or the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology. Can I apply to Moorfields Eye Charity?

Most programmes require the principal applicant to hold a contract with Moorfields or UCL Institute of Ophthalmology. In certain circumstances we will consider applications from individuals who have co-applicants with a contract of employment at either institution and where the proposed work fits within the scope and remit of the charity. 

In these instances we would encourage you to contact the Grants and Research Team to discuss the specific circumstances of your application. 

I have an application that I want to submit to other funding bodies besides Moorfields Eye Charity. Is this allowed?

Yes, but in the event that you are successful and secure more than one award, you will need to choose just one award to accept. In summary, you cannot hold funding from two sources for the same work. 

I want to apply for two Moorfields Eye Charity grant making programmes simultaneously. Can I do this?

In principle yes, but we would advise that you contact the Grants and Research Team first to discuss the applications to ensure that this is the more appropriate approach to take. 

Can I apply for top-up or bridging funding?

No, we do not currently have a grant programme which provides top-up, bridging or co-funding. 

I used to work at Moorfields and will be presenting research I generated during my time there. Can I apply for a Conference Grant?

No, you must be employed by Moorfields on at least the first day of the conference in order to be eligible to apply for a Conference Grant.